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Our Story

Inspired by the Family

Lakeside Tavern is one of five Lanzi family restaurants in the Great Sacandaga Lake area. Dine inside for cozy adirondack vibes or dine outside for vacation vibes. The newest addition to Lakeside is our new outdoor pavilion island bar : The Channel Bar ! It has a decidedly tropical feel, with its decor and the breeze blowing in off the water. We wanted to create a resort feel. There is island music playing on the weekends, and a bamboo stage and lawn outside for a steel drum band and other musician to play. We want you to feel like you are on vacation ! During the winter we enclose the Channel Bar & fully heat the space so it can be used during the colder months. In the  summer, the enclosure is taken down, and customers have their choice of inside seating where our original bar is also operating, or outdoor seating directly Lakeside !


"This one is on me."

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